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NOTICE BOARD Admission Open(01-Apr-2020)

Organisation of the school..


Organisation of the school

            Cement and bricks make buildings.  Children make the building a School.  It's not just about the infrastructure that a school hold.  It's life in itself  powered by small kids to become a part of the same.

            The school is co-educational and divided into junior middle and senior sections. 

            Our Junior Wing AADHAR has classes from 1st to 5th.  The teaching motive of these classes is learn by fun.  We conduct lot of activities related to curriculum to explain subjects.  We use  audio visual techniques for better understanding of concept. We pay emphasis on basic understanding of the topic. 

Our Middle Wing  SOPAN has classes 6 to 8.  We concentrate  on experimental learning in these classes.  It is more efficient when it comes to conceptual learning.  We try to mix traditional learning with modern ideas to motivate out of the box thinking pattern in children. 

            We believe that creativity emerges from the beautiful mind that these children hold in this age, so we try to nurture and enhance the same side of skills. 

Our High School Wing  SHIKHAR has classes 9th and 10th.  At this age a child needs a platform to show his true potential that he holds.  We organise debate, declamation, quizzing, creative writing, speeches,  extempore activities to get a kid outside his comfort zone so that he is able to fully express himself. We focus on detailed disciplinary learning so he can achieve new heights in his overall personality development.


            The administrative and academic blocks are separate.  It is a office building with 6 offices for all administrative staff with a guest room for parents. Parents can convey their messages to the reception by telephonic or personal meetings.

Academic Wings

            The school is divided into three wings which are designed in such a way that the whole School can be administered from one Point. The rooms are spacious to ensure comfort and they are well ventilated giving way to sunlight and air.

            Hence we have tried to create a healthy environment as the infrastructure is concerned.

Pragyan-The library

            We provide a collection of diverse texts in different fields to enhance the learning experience of the students. 

In addition to a wide range of fiction and activity books the library is well stocked with syllabus and reference books that are needed.

Vihan- the Conference Hall

            It is used to provide an opportunity of interaction between teachers and students with digital approach. It is a place to break boundaries of education and convey healthy relations among classmates through discussion.

Anveshan-I & II Laboratory

            Science comes from laboratory. It is a subject of experiments, demonstrations and practical learning. 

To teach concept of subjects we have well equipped laboratory for Maths, Science Social Science for each class groups to instill practical learning in children.

Raivant - Auditorium

            We have an open air auditorium which provides a lively environment and a stage to exhibit a child's hidden talent in front of others during inter house activities.

Arunodaya - Sports Complex

            A child's body need to be exercised as much as the mind, school has facilities for all type of sports activities with a beautiful outdoor ground  "Arunodaya." This ground  is available for basketball, Lawn tennis, Badminton, Handball, Football, Kho-Kho, Skating etc.

Co-curricular activities

            School is divided into four houses and each child is allotted a house as inter house activities are an important part of the school calendar.

            Each house symbolises an ideal that is both admired and desired in our children, we want all students to graduate from the school having imbided  all for ideals and values.

Aditya House

            The meaning denotes  newly risen sun as the spirit of its members.  Motto of the house "Winning is our habit " shows their potential and dedication.

Tejas House

            The meaning shows "Sharpness and brightness".  It can be classified as a type of energy,  utility or charisma Which reflects in its members.  motto of the house “Born to be a champion”  shows their enthusiasm.

Arun House -

            The meaning reflects the energy and freshness of the morning as its name symbolises the charioteer of the Sun, members of the house are dynamic in their activities. Their Moto "Heading to the top" also says the same.

Bhaskar House -

            The meaning of the word shows "Brilliant, illuminated and creative" in their field. Members of the house show extraordinary leadership and creativity in every activity.  Their moto shows their potency "Best  in the field".

Club activities -

            Here in NPS we believe that practical learning is equally important to theoretical learning. For the same purpose we have formed various clubs based on various subjects. It is compulsory for every single student to be a member of one of these following groups based on their interest.

Ruskin Bond - English club

            This club organizes literature related events like speech, debate, declamation,  play,  poetry presentation, essay writing to promote interest in English literature and enhance their writing skills.

Prasad - Hindi club

            This club is based on Hindi literature and activities based on Hindi language. It helps students in learning our mother tongue.

Algebra - Maths club

            By activities of maths club, students learn easy method to solve maths problems. By adopting some laboratory activities,  they can learn maths easily.

Kalam - Science club

            Science subject is a practical subject which cannot be taught solely in a classroom.

            Science Club of our school organising different practical activities to take students out from their classes and help them to learn difficult phenomenons by observation.

Cosmos - Social science club

            This club helps students to enhance their knowledge regarding subjects like History, Civics, Geography, which give them a better understanding of the social economic and political situation of the world.

nso nsoHkk"kk;k% laLdzr Dyc

            This club organises different creative activities to create interest in Sanskrit language and understand grammar very well. By organising play, poetry, presentation, writing skill activities, the club provides easy going methods to understand the language effectively.

Kopal - Nature club

            As Npians  are inclined towards nature conservation, this club has been formed to provide fuel to the furnace.  Through this club we organised various activities and awareness programmes under the guidance of WWF.


Tarangam - Music club

            Music is the subject of soul not of the body. This club has a separate music band to perform different musical concert not only in classical but country and western style also to create harmony in the school campus.

Dynamic - Sports club

            This club in our school campus regiments to mould and shape the pupil as an individual sports personality.  Our endear  of this club is to import stage of sports lovers to show their talent in front of all.

Art and Craft classes -

            Fine arts provides learners  with non academic benefits such as motivation, Cultural exposure, creativity, improved emotional expression as well as social harmony and applications of diversity. School provides a platform to discover the Picasso in them.  our art & craft classes showcase their hidden talents through paints and brushes.

Music classes -

            Music education offers a lot of benefits during the education of a child.  It helps in developing memory, increase co-ordination, a sense of achievement,  emotional development,  fine tuned auditory skills,  discipline,  creativity,  teamwork and mental relaxation. We are trying to provide educational music while keeping all this in mind through the vocal and instrumental training of pure classical music.

Principal's Message

Over the years, as we gain experience, it almost seems our duty to pass on the wisdom that we have gained from it in the form of some advice.

If I were to select a single piece of advice to give our students, it would simply be this – Remember that you do not go through life alone.

This simple thought contains in it the seeds of most philosophy – to be conscious of the fact that you belong to a society; that you are born into and come from a community to which you owe certain responsibilities; makes you aware of the part you play in it.

The basic principle on which any successful society is built is one of mutual cooperation. There is little in a person’s life today that has not been created, invented or constructed by someone else; somewhere else. At the same time there is very little that a person can do that will not affect somebody else somewhere. 

                                    We focus on developing in youngsters the ability to think critically and compassionately, to uphold moral values and principles that build character, to do nothing in half measures but to give their 

100% to all they do - all valuable skills and characteristics in preparation for the complexities of a globalised world. We aim to provide a holistic education that nurtures intellect, fires the imagination and develops character.

                                   We are here to help and guide you in moulding your future. This school is dedicated to teach you the art of life, to activate mind, heart and hand simultaneously. We are here to do and learn. School is the stepping stone to good citizenship, to cultivate positive wavelength in fellow beings_  be it teachers, parents, colleagues or society or nation at large.

                                    Recently the school has got affiliated to C.B.S.E. which will enable you to appear in any competitive exam you wish to. Every required infrastructure is at your disposal. You have to extend your  hands and avail it. We are here to help you to convert your day dreams into reality in every possible way.

                                    We are trying to form a team for whom teaching is not just a profession but a mission. For some of us it is more than that – an obsession. I invite all of you to be a part of this mission and be proud of yourself and make us proud of you. Wishing you the very best in life.   

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