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NOTICE BOARD Happy New Year(01-Jan-2016)Admission Open(01-Jan-2016)HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY 2016
Registration for admission for the academic year 2014 – 15 for LKG and Montessori will open from 2nd January 2014.
Registration for Grades 1 and above will be announced later.
Parents seeking admission to Nirmal Public School for various classes are requested to download the registration forms (along with the acknowledgement slips wherever necessary) under the respective links and submit the duly filled-in forms at the school with the following documents.

1. Copy of Birth Certificate

2. Copy of Previous 3 years academic progress report from the previous school (applicable to Grade 2 & above)

3. Prospectus cost : Rs.250/- (cash).

4. Duly filled-in registration forms can be submitted at the school reception on all working days from Monday to Friday between 10:00 am and 12:00 noon and Saturday between 10:00 am and 11:00 am. The school will remain closed on all public holidays and 2nd and 4th Saturdays.

We are seeing a growing interest among a large number of parents seeking admission to Nirmal Public School. We would like to inform every parent that we have very limited seats available for the Montessori and Kindergarten classes. As per the policy and directive of CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) we have the following guidelines for admission :
• The first priority is for siblings. Applications from siblings are more than twice the number of seats available.
• The second priority is for children of our teachers and other staff members.
• The next priority is for the general category.
• Applications for admission to KG II (Kindergarten II) are not accepted as there is no vacancy.
• To have an effective teaching learning process, we maintain limited class strength. Considering the limited number of seats available, it is expected that those who seek admission will realize and understand the constraints the institution faces. The disappointment of not getting admission should not become a matter of unhappiness among parents.
• Admissions to Grades 1 to 9 are finalized based on the performance in the written admission test conducted in the month of April / May.
Principal's Message

Over the years, as we gain experience, it almost seems our duty to pass on the wisdom that we have gained from it in the form of some advice.

If I were to select a single piece of advice to give our students, it would simply be this – Remember that you do not go through life alone.

This simple thought contains in it the seeds of most philosophy – to be conscious of the fact that you belong to a society; that you are born into and come from a community to which you owe certain responsibilities; makes you aware of the part you play in it.

The basic principle on which any successful society is built is one of mutual cooperation. There is little in a person’s life today that has not been created, invented or constructed by someone else; somewhere else. At the same time there is very little that a person can do that will not affect somebody else somewhere. 

                                    We focus on developing in youngsters the ability to think critically and compassionately, to uphold moral values and principles that build character, to do nothing in half measures but to give their 

100% to all they do - all valuable skills and characteristics in preparation for the complexities of a globalised world. We aim to provide a holistic education that nurtures intellect, fires the imagination and develops character.

                                   We are here to help and guide you in moulding your future. This school is dedicated to teach you the art of life, to activate mind, heart and hand simultaneously. We are here to do and learn. School is the stepping stone to good citizenship, to cultivate positive wavelength in fellow beings_  be it teachers, parents, colleagues or society or nation at large.

                                    Recently the school has got affiliated to C.B.S.E. which will enable you to appear in any competitive exam you wish to. Every required infrastructure is at your disposal. You have to extend your  hands and avail it. We are here to help you to convert your day dreams into reality in every possible way.

                                    We are trying to form a team for whom teaching is not just a profession but a mission. For some of us it is more than that – an obsession. I invite all of you to be a part of this mission and be proud of yourself and make us proud of you. Wishing you the very best in life.   

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